Boys Varsity Soccer · IHSAA Exemplary Behavior Report for Boys Soccer

Here is a report filed by Jimtown High School on our Boys Soccer Team.   Great things being done by Great South Bend Kids. Congrats Boys on a job well done.

Boys Soccer
Event Details:
9/29/2020 (Location: Jimtown High School)
Reporting Individual:
Nathan Dean

We played SB Clay Boys Soccer on 9-29-2020. We ended up winning the match with the score beginning to be a little lopsided near the end. I moved toward the field as I wanted our kids to back off and was worried that the contest might get “chippy”. The South Bend Clay players were as nice of a group of kids that I have ever seen in a high school contest. They played EXTREMELY hard all the way to the end and NEVER got mad, or aggressive. Their coach was yelling very positive and “teachable” things to his kids even when getting beat by several goals. Their kids were good-naturedly goofing around with our kids at timeouts and so on. Our kids remarked after the game, that they were the nicest team we played all year. I hope our kids can emulate SB Clay. They may not have won very many games this year, but this represents the BEST of Education-Based Athletics, which should not focus on the scoreboard anyways.